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O&M Service

 Operation and Maintenance Service

Our Operation and Maintenance Services (O&M) for Power Plants aims to provide a complete customer focused package according to the requirement of international standards. We satisfy the increasing demand of SPP and IPP plants for professional personnel to operate today's advanced and highly efficient power plants.

We provide a full scope of operation and maintenance services with our experienced operation and maintenance staff to guarantee high availability, high MW output, low heat rate and low overall O&M cost.

Our expertise is in both Combined Cycle Power Plants and Thermal Power Plants. We can cover all areas from Mobilization Phase to Operation Phase.

Realizing that qualified staff is a key for successful plant operation and maintenance; we ensure the quality of our personnel through our ability to recruit a number of key personnel from our internal group and our strategic partners .

We have our own capability to train our staff under intensive internal training programs for professional plant operation and maintenance.

We, therefore, can offer a far more reliable and competitive services.

 Our customers

 O&M Service Customer

- Combine Heat and Power Producting Co.,Ltd. - Natural Energy Development Co., Ltd.
- Nam Theun Power Comapany - EGCO Cogeneration Co., Ltd.
- Roi-Et Green Co., Ltd.

 Commissioning Service Customer

- Toyo-Thai Corporation - Toyo Engineering Corporation - Hyundai Engineering (Thailand)
- Thai Jurong Engineering - Alstom Group - Siam City Cement

 Contact us

Operation Business Division :

นายสุทธิศักดิ์ แก้วมีแสง

Mr.Suttisak Kaewmesaeng
Operation Business Division Manager
E-mail : suttisak.kae@egco.com
Tel : +66 (0) 3868 2611-4   Ext. 2211
Mob : +66 (0) 8 9244 5361
Fax : +66 (0) 3868 2823

Operation Engineering & Commissioning & Traning

Mr.Pisith Sophonnarin

Operation Management Section Manager

E-mail : pisith.sop@egco.com
Tel : +66 (0) 3868 2611-4
Mob : +66 (0) 8 9244 5361
Fax : +66 (0) 3868 2823

For many years, we have been continuing to bring valuable experience and excellent Services to our customers with our highly experienced staff.

We can offer high performance, efficiency, profitability and other needs that you may have, towards your power facility. We can cover all area from mobilization phase to operation phase including:

 Staffing planning, recruitment and training,

 Provide commissioning staff for EPC contractor,

 Monitor and coordination with EPC contractor during commissioning and
    startup period,

 Preparation and developing of operation procedure in conformity with
    OEM requirement,

 Setting up and maintaining Maintenance Management System (MMS)
    including spare part and inventory control.

 Provide training for client topic "Basic power plant concept,
    process description and operation principle.

Plant Operation

 Plant Operation

Plant Operation

 EGCO Cogeneration Power Plant

Location :
Rayong, Thailand
Type :
Combined cycle power plant
Installed capacity :
117 MW
Type of fuel :
Natural gas
21 years
January 28, 2003
Plant Operations

 Roi-Et Green Power Plant

Location :
Roi-Et, Thailand
Type :
Biomass power plant
Installed capacity :
9.9 MW
Type of fuel :
Rice husk
21 years
May 29, 2003
Plant Operations

 Bangkok Government Complex Sation

Location :
Bangkok, Thailand
Type :
Combined heat and power producing
Installed capacity :
6.6 MW
Gas Turbine :
4.6 MW x 2
Absorption Chiller :
3,000RT x 2
Electric Chiller :
2,000RT x 2
1,000RT x 2
End of Contract :
Plant Operations

 Natural Energy Development : Lopburi Solar

Location :
Wang Phloeng, Khok Samrong, Lopburi Thailand
Type :
Solar power plant
Installed capacity :
63 MW
Type of fuel :
25 years
22 December 2011
Roi-Et Power Plant
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